Molded Fibre Take-Away Container Making Machine

Molded Fibre Plate/Bowl Making Machine

Molded Fibre Glass/Cup Making Machine

Molded Fibre Cultery/Tray Making Machine

Advantages of Hanson Technology

Higher output , less consumption, wide application, perfect product quality

6 0 %
Wet product moisture
3 0 %+
Capacity Up by
3 0 %-
Consumption Less by
7 0 %-
Dirt Less by
Commonly Used Raw Material
Primary Pulp Board from the following plants
The commercial primary pulp board for producing disposable tableware is usually chemical pulp or chlorine-free ECF pulp ,can be purchased from paper making manufacture. One-year plant fiber is the proven more proper raw material for pulp molded tableware production for the fiber length is shorter,like sugarcane bagasse fiber,bamboo fiber,wheat straw fiber,reed straw fiber or some offcut of office paper.Wood fiber or bamboo fiber would be added by certain ratio for producing some products of complex structure or deeper products.


Paper Plate/Compostable Food Tray /Disposable Tableware /Paper Plates And Bowls/Fast Food Take-away Box and Lid/Ready Meal Packaging Trays/Supermarket Fresh Trays/Branded Food Packaging/Cup and Lid/Cup Holder and Carriers/

Production Flowchart


Finery Tableware Machine

Hanson pulp molding thermoforming technology make breakthrough of industrial bottleneck, based on specific product, the wet product moisture can be less than 60%, elctricity heating consumption(heating only) can be less than 1800kwh/ton finish product

Why Choose Us

Intelligent pulping system

Intelligent pulping system
Online overflow
DCS control
PID frequency conversion control technology

Overall plant design& layout

Overall project management
Turn key project
International service
Whole life support

Pulp molding thermoforming machine

Tableware machine
Cutlery machine
High industrial package machine
Leak-proof lid machine

Mold design and manufacturing

Professional mold Designing
High-precision processing ability
Three-coordinate detecting mold solution

Post-process automation

Intelligent transfer solution
Automatic visual inspection
Automatic counting
Auto packaging

Technique output and other services

Hanson College
Professioanl technical team
International installation&commissioning
Online support

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