Quality & Simplicity

Hanson Pulp Molding Pack follows a rigid design philosophy which dictates that all equipment is manufactured using only the best materials, is easily serviceable and is capable of being repaired in an average engineering shop using parts which are locally available. This approach reduces the operator’s dependence on the machinery supplier and allows shorter downtime periods for repairs and maintenance which are undertaken at a much-reduced cost. All brand name components are acquired from reputable multi-national suppliers who have adequate representation in the client’s home country.

Tailored Design

Hanson Pulp Molding Pack equipment is tailored to the client’s specific circumstances. All equipment is designed and manufactured in China ,from where it is shipped to the client’s premises for installation and commissioning by Hanson Pulp Molding Pack’s technicians. Product depths of up top 120mm are standard for all molders. All molding lines are P.L.C. controlled and are fully automatic with each function capable of adjustment from a central control panel.

On-going Support

All plant PLC’s are linked via internet to Hanson Pulp Molding Pack R & D Center’s computers in headquarter of China for on-line trouble-shooting.

In addition to the 5-year warranty of the whole machine, the company also undertakes to make travel arrangements for a qualified technician within 7 days of notification of any serious breakdown.

Expert Assistance

Hanson Pulp Molding Pack will gladly assist clients on product and mold choice. High-quality tooling for a large variety of product types is available.

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