Pulp molding production raw material 2: Bamboo Pulp

12/05/2022 By Xue Lee

Bamboo pulp is also a good raw material for pulp molding products. Bamboo fiber belongs to the medium and long fiber, the production of products toughness is strong, the production of deep products is not easy to crack, the surface is smooth and delicate and high whiteness. But the product surface after friction is easy to appear plush plush fibers. When the proportion of bamboo pulp is more than 40%, pulp grinding should be carried out to eliminate the phenomenon of villous fibers on the surface of products.



Bamboo pulp is mainly used in the manufacture of high-grade mobile phone packaging, cosmetics packaging, can also be used in the manufacture of tableware. When the production of complex shape, oblique products generally need to add a certain proportion of bamboo pulp. Because the price of bamboo pulp is slightly higher than that of bagasse pulp, so many pulp molding and bagasse fiber according to a certain proportion of the use, to increase the performance and reduce the cost of the effect.



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