Pulp molding production raw material 3: Reed Pulp

12/10/2022 By Xue Lee


The reed pulp fiber is short, and the surface smoothness of reed pulp molding products is not as good as that of bagasse pulp and bamboo pulp. The stiffness is average; Reed pulp molding products are relatively poor flexibility, poor flexibility and contain more impurities, the appearance is not clean and beautiful. Some ordinary pulp molding products can use 100% reed pulp, but some reed pulp products with complex shape and deep depth need to add long fiber pulp in the general production process, to increase the toughness of their products and the surface of the ornamental.


Reed is found in lakes and wetlands all over the world, so the production is extremely high and the price is moderate. But the rate of production is low. How to improve the yield is a problem that many pulp molding factories need to overcome.



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