Pulp molding production raw material 4: Wheat Straw Pulp


Wheat straw pulp fiber is short, the surface of the pulp molding products is fine and smooth, the stiffness is good, the flexibility is poor, and the yield is low. Most of the pulp molding tableware products can use wheat straw pulp 100% as raw material, which can achieve the beautiful effect. But for the wheat straw pulp products with complex shape and deep depth, it is necessary to add long fiber pulp in the general production process to increase the toughness of the product.


Wheat straw pulp is mostly original color paste. In the world wheat planting area is very large, will produce a lot of wheat straw can not be processed, so the wheat straw pulp resources are rich, the price is low, is a kind of pulp molding industry has a good raw material.


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