Hanson pulp molding-open day | Elite expert group of 100 people in pulp molding industry has an immersive experience of “Low Energy Consumption·Made by Hanson”!

On September 27, 2023, members of various pulp molding branches, leading companies in the raw materials, equipment, and production fields of the pulp paper making and pulp molding industries, experts from relevant universities and scientific research institutions, pulp molding end customers, and investors more than 100 entrepreneurs and expert representatives from institutions and other fields visited Hanson pulp molding factory for inspection.

In order to improve industry personnel’s understanding of Hanson pulp molding, we also took this opportunity to introduce Hanson pulp molding’s comprehensive capabilities such as equipment technology, equipment manufacturing capabilities, mold design and manufacturing capabilities, product research and development capabilities, and digital management to visitors. And through this visit and exchange, the closeness of cooperation and strategic cooperation intentions between the two parties have been further enhanced.

Visit the Hanson pulp molding assembly plant

The visiting team that day first visited the assembly plant of Hanson pulp molding. As a member and rotating branch president of the Pulp Molding Branch of the China Paper Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Li Zhonghua, general manager of “Hanson pulp molding”, personally introduced the whole process of equipment from incoming materials, inspection to assembly, final assembly and debugging for the visiting team.

The first thing we come to is the component assembly area. The components are assembled from the assembly of small components, the assembly of large components to the final assembly of the equipment. They are all operated in strict accordance with process standards.

Then we came to the office area of the manufacturing center. This area has the process department, quality control department and supply chain department. The process department and quality control department are the core structural departments of the manufacturing center. After the process department carries out research and development, it formulates the process for new machines. Route, output operating instructions SOP, inspection instructions SIP and other standards, while the quality control department conducts implementation inspection of the standard system. The strict organizational structure guarantees the stable quality, high-quality and efficient operation of Hanson products.

After coming out of the office area, go to the incoming material receiving area and inspection area. Through the management system of dedicated personnel, special tools, and in strict accordance with the size, accuracy and other requirements of the incoming materials, the incoming materials are inspected and calibrated to ensure the stable operation of the intelligent machine. , while also ensuring the quality of the machine.

After arriving at the general assembly department, Mr. Li Zhonghua, general manager of “Hanson pulp molding”, introduced Hanson’s unique “three characteristics” equipment standards to the visitors, namely advancedness, durability and compatibility.

  • Advancedness: The equipment can be continuously upgraded and iterated, directly extending the equipment life cycle, reducing repeated investment, and keeping the equipment ahead of the curve.
  • Durability: The service life of the equipment is more than 10 years, which is 2-3 years higher than the industry standard. It creates inherent advantages for the recycling and use of equipment.
  • Compatibility: Expand the applicable and production scope of the equipment. The equipment has multiple functions and strong applicability, reducing restrictions caused by market development and flexibly responding to future changes in the industry.

Visit the Hanson pulp molding area A factory

Coming to the factory building in Area A, Mr. Li Zhonghua, general manager of “Hanson pulp molding”, made a key introduction on the industry development history, business philosophy, operating status, and development strategies of Hanson pulp molding.

Pulp molding is a 3D papermaking technology that uses pulp as raw material and uses special molds on the molding machine to shape paper products of a certain shape. In addition to lunch boxes and tableware, pulp molding is also used for industrial buffer packaging and is developing very rapidly. Driven by the implementation of plastic ban and restriction policies at home and abroad, the output of China’s pulp molding industry continues to grow, and market demand and market scale are also expanding. The development potential of the pulp molding industry is huge.

For the development of the pulp molding industry, Hanson implements new ideas and new standards “Low energy consumption, made by Hanson”. By reducing labor and energy costs, the energy consumption generated in pulp molding production is greatly reduced and unnecessary cost waste is avoided. We help the low-energy development of the pulp molding industry through reasonable process optimization solutions such as patented technology to achieve a wet product moisture content of less than 60%, unique pipeline design, and advanced PDI frequency conversion technology.

Hanson laboratory displayed a complete range of material monitoring equipment, such as fluorescence spectrometers, linear wear testers, density meters, vibration detection instruments, etc., and conducted comprehensive functional and performance tests from raw materials to finished products to ensure material stability. At the same time, the complete equipment can lay a solid foundation for the research and development of new materials. The pulp molding product display area displays different types of molding equipment to produce different types of products, such as coffee cup lids, hexagonal lids, electronic cigarettes, 9-inch trays, tea cans, etc., providing sample reference for those who intend to build a factory and invest in the industry.

Coming to the sewage treatment system workshop, Hanson pulp molding is equipped with a professional RO sewage treatment system, which can achieve higher purification efficiency through lower energy cost, meet the requirements of environmental protection policies, and achieve zero emission standards.

The visitors were very interested in the pulp system and process solutions. When they came to the pulp workshop, Hanson adopted an intelligent pulp system that does not return pulp and a peak-shifting power management system, which reduced production costs and improved production efficiency. At the same time, the training content of the pulping area academy is introduced. In fact, every process in the factory has students from the training academy. One-by-one training is adopted by experienced masters. Through the establishment of a pulp molding training model, on the one hand, it cultivates talents for the whole plant planning, and at the same time, it also provides the pulp molding industry transports talents and promotes the development of the pulp molding industry.

After arriving at the demonstration workshop, the visitors saw pulp molding demonstration equipment. Hanson was the first equipment brand in the world to produce products on-site in Shanghai exhibition in July. It also displayed the latest tableware package equipment. The various models here are designed to provide customers with customized sampling services and sample proofing for customers. The visitors were very interested in the samples and distributed pulp molding samples on site. After receiving the pulp molding samples, everyone was pleasantly surprised by the effect of the pulp molding samples and very satisfied with the results of the pulp molding production.

After leading the visitors through the drying and static area and packaging area, they visited the mold manufacturing and mold design areas. Through this area, you can learn about our mold manufacturing technology. There are 12 high-speed and high-precision mold production equipment here, with plans to reach 24 in the future. It is also equipped with a professional mold design team to process Hanson plastic molds with standard precision.

Through 3D scanning imaging inspection equipment, we can have a more precise optimization and adjustment plan for the mold to ensure design accuracy. Advanced scanning imaging technology can accurately and automatically generate reports. Each customer’s mold will be accompanied by a 3D inspection scan report. After the mold is produced, Hanson has very high requirements for the accuracy of the mold. It is first polished, then finely polished by professional polishing equipment, and finally finely polished manually with 600-800 grit sandpaper.

Visit the digital energy management system exhibition hall

After visiting the factory, Hanson led the visitors to visit the first floor of the office building area, where there is a digital energy management system demonstration area. Through the smart digital screen, you can learn about Hanson pulp molding’s innovations and applications in energy management and digitalization.

Hanson is the first in the industry and is committed to promoting and formulating industry standards for pulp molding. It has joined forces with “China Siemens” Huichuan to help the pulp and wood molding industry. Through Hanson’s technology, process and manufacturing in the pulp molding industry the experience is applied to intelligent software to digitally display energy consumption management, and continuously optimize management through monitoring data, empowering pulp molding enterprises for sustainable digitalization.

Finally, personnel from both parties conducted in-depth discussions on pulp molding-related product performance, technology, implementation issues and other aspects, seeking resource integration and product integration. Looking at the current status and future development trends of the pulp molding industry, Hanson pulp molding takes “reducing costs and reducing barriers” as its core concept to help the rapid development of China’s pulp molding industry. Hanson pulp molding has never regulated the enterprise as an “equipment manufacturer”, but as a “pulp molding solution service provider” to serve every partner in the industry. Hanson pulp molding is committed to promoting healthy cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, providing strong technical support and high-quality service guarantees for the development of the pulp molding industry, and promoting the high-quality development of the pulp molding industry.

Through this visit and exchange meeting, every visitor can get an exquisite paper pulp packaging souvenir. The visitors expressed a certain degree of recognition and support for Hanson industrial park. Hanson pulp molding will be doing more in the future. While improving the development of its own enterprise, it will better promote the development of the entire pulp molding industry.


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