Pulp Molding Production Raw Material 1: Bagasse Pulp

12/03/2022 By Xue Lee

Bagasse pulp is a good raw material for pulp molding products. Bagasse fiber is used in the production of paper pulp molding lunch box tableware. Bagasse pulp is made from bagasse with certain PH value and concentration controlled. Bagasse pulp can be wet pulp or can be dried and pressed into a pulp board. A certain concentration of bagasse grout is supplied to a pulp molding machine, where the grout is formed, shaped and edged into a pulp molding product.



Bagasse fiber length is moderate, has the advantages of moderate strength, moderate toughness, is currently the most suitable raw material for pulp molding products, the scope of application is also relatively wide.

Bagasse pulp is produced all over the world, in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, the Americas such as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East such as Iran, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places in China. Sugar cane is used to make sugar in sugar factories, while bagasse is a waste product, which is cheap and abundant. With the implementation of the plastic ban and the development of the paper pulp molding market, bagasse pulp has become a great demand for raw materials.



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